Justin Bieber Perfume Second Release

Not satisfied with just singing, Justin Bieber also jumped into the fragrance industry. After the successful release of hiser first perfume ‘Someday, now 18 years old boy was re-released these two perfume titled’ Girlfriend.

Justin Bieber Perfume Second Release
Justin Bieber Perfume Second Release

If the singer’s first perfume ‘You Smile’ was characterized by the bottle cap-shaped flowers, different again with a new perfume this time. As reported Ace Showbiz pink and purple bottle with decorations such as cages alternating color matching.

To promote the perfume Bieber sing held a competition. Selena Gomez’s boyfriend invites his fans to send the video who sings new song ‘Boyfriend’.

Interestingly the participants have to replace every word ‘Boyfriend’ to ‘Girlfriend’. Some of the winners of the competition will be featured in the ads ‘Girlfriend’.

Perfume ‘Girlfriend’ was released on Monday (6/18/2012). Deliberately brought closer to the release of perfume launching his latest album ‘Believe’.

His lover Selena Gomez was recently released perfume. Selene perfume bottle shaped like a purple dress that swept the floor. On the lid is decorated form colored purple and brown lip. And a feminine softness of his perfume was very striking.

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