Keep Your Skin Hydrated Is The Beauty Secret Of The Most Important

For our skin consists of 70% water. This explains why good hydration is essential to beauty is health of our skin and throughout the body.

Water helps to cleanse toxins in excess, to adjust the pH of the skin to prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles, it is also a valuable ally against fatty deposits and can lubricate tissues.

Through respiration, sweat and urine to clear one day two and a half liters of water. To restore is necessary to introduce the same amount of liquid through what we eat and drink.

Obviously, favorite foods to maintain the natural moisture include fruits and vegetables. Better to eat these foods raw, when cooked, it loses a lot of water in its composition.

Nutritionists suggest eating salad, tomatoes, peppers, melons, plums and peaches that are made of 90% water. Both moisturizing apricot, carrots and artichokes, containing up to 80% water.

Obviously, to make the skin soft and radiant is our need to moisturize with creams that do a good job for us. In moisturizer should be used especially after a bath or shower to revitalize tissue.

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