Lady Gaga Shoes Without Heels Sale From USD 1.2 Million

Singer Lady Gaga often appears with strange clothing and accessories. One is wearing shoes without heels. Now these shoes are sought after fashion lovers and mass produced at a price more affordable.Lady Gaga Shoes Without Heels Sale From USD 1.2 Million

Shoes without heels worn original Gaga is the work of designer Noritaka Tatehana. He was the first to make it 10-inch-high boots.

Since the Canadian singer who has just released a perfume Fame, the shoes Noritaka’s work became very popular. Gaga alone has 14 pairs of shoes without heels male descendants of Japanese design.

After Gaga wear them, more and more women are attracted to these unique shoes. Besides singer of ‘Bad Romance’ is, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Sarah Harding and Amy Childs also had shoes without heels.

Now not only Gaga, Victoria and other celebrities can have these shoes. You can wear these shoes without heels.

Quoted by the Daily Mail, a number of high street brands now produce shoes Noritaka work with a more affordable price. Original work of the designer sold for more than 15 thousand pounds, or USD 223 million pair while high street shoe brand output like Chinese Laundry and Office costs only 80 pounds, or approximately USD 1.2 million.

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