Latest Innovation Bra Can Save the iPhone

Bra is believed not only useful to support the breast alone but also to increase confidence. But now, the function of a bra increases, namely as a place to put the iPhone.Latest Innovation Bra Can Save the iPhone

Bra which features a pocket on both sides it was created by two students from Washington University, named Kyle Gentry and Bartlow. Name of the bra is called ‘The JoeyBra’ was inspired by children kangaroo named Joey.

Not just a place where iPhone, ‘The JoeyBra’ can also store credit card and room key. In her official website, bra ‘bag’ was designed with the comfort and use leopard skin pattern. Available in various sizes, ‘The JoeyBra’ promo priced at U.S. $ 19.90 or approximately USD 185 thousand.

Prior to creating “The JoeyBra ‘and Kyle Gentry Bartlow first conduct a survey to 200 female students. From the results of the study, 95 percent of women have difficulty storing the phone when going outside the home and 75 percent lost their mobile phones when it will go outside the house.

According to Gentry, “The JoeyBra ‘designed to make the upper arm without touching the bag area. He even explained that the bags will still be able to keep your iPhone well, even if the wearer is cool partying.

Gentry and Kyle Bartlow has more ideas to expand the design of ‘The JoeyBra’. One of them, a sports bra to keep the battery if the phone keiitimewaan of usage needs to be recharged.

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