Latest Reviews of Chanel Fashion for 2013

Karl Lagerfeld recently Chanel Cruise 2013 collection showcases the latest in the Palace of Versailles, Paris, France. A condensed collection will feel the 18th century it seemed to combine the theme of a futuristic style of the movie ‘The Fifth Element’ by ‘Marie Antoinette’.

As to whether the collection?

1. Shades of Blue & Denim

Demonstration opened with a series of dresses in shades of blue and denim skirt silhouette is ultra feminine. Consistently displayed a white casual shoes as an accessory in most clothing.

2. Pastel tinge

Pastel colors are also presented to give the impression of a typical soft material in the channel the tweed. The modelpun wearing some stylish pastel colors Bob wig so that it looks fit the theme.

3. Cap width

Collections are designed for this holiday season, do not complete if not wide, presenting a large cap. Consider also the form of briefs ditansformasikan typical 18th century into a full lace shorts.

4. Skin-round

Imaging is not only sweet girls, some of the collections seen dedicated to the riders, such as black leather jackets and pants that applicable sparkling sequins.

5. Men’s Clothing

Of the total 71 dress that was exhibited, also slipped three menswear collection. One of them brought the plant sprinklers are wrapped with leather sewing typical Chanel oppressed.

6. Evening Gown

Presented in evening gown of silk chiffon silhouette stacks. Lightweight, waving and blessing the full sophistication of the applied print motif on the front of the dress.

7. Black Wedding Dress

There is also a collection of black dress shirt model of long white tail attached. Unique because it combines the feel of casual, sporty and gothic.

8. The angel wings

Playing with the structure of the shoulder, the white dress is designed to resemble the wings of angels. Suitable for brides who want to be different at her wedding.

9. Daughter of Mick Jagger

Among the models, there were also the daughter of rocker Mick Jagger, Georgia May is a model wearing a halter top and mini skirt trimmed with frill detail.

10. The Maestro

Closing the show, the designer, Karl Lagerfeld suit with plaid tops. In contrast to the usual appearance dressed only in black and white.

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