LinkedIn Marketing 6 Reasons Your Agency Should Offer Services

LinkedIn Marketing 6 Reasons Your Agency Should Offer Services

Are you thinking of offering LinkedIn marketing services? Have customers of your social media agency asked you about LinkedIn but you have yet to add this channel to your range of services? LinkedIn Marketing 6 Reasons Your Agency Should Offer Services

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

In many respects, this is understandable as LinkedIn is the odd one out when it comes to social media platforms. LinkedIn doesn’t get the same attention in the mainstream media as platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and it’s not used as much as a platform like YouTube. Also, it’s not talked about in the same way that Twitter is.

Furthermore, LinkedIn has a different approach to its audience than other social media channels and users have different motivations for getting involved.

While political commentary or opinions about sport are common on Twitter, they are rare on LinkedIn. Plus, on LinkedIn, you won’t see a friend from your university days checking into an art gallery somewhere on the other side of the world or posting an image of their lunch.

Instead, LinkedIn is about business. This includes:

Brand building, lead generation, and thought leadership
Recruitment, career progression, and networking

Should Your Social Media Agency Offer LinkedIn Marketing Services?

Whether your social media agency should offer LinkedIn marketing services comes down to your customers. If your customers (or your prospective customers) want LinkedIn, or you think they need LinkedIn, you should offer it as a service.

Let’s go into this a bit further to add more detail to the point above with six reasons your social media agency should offer LinkedIn marketing services

Reason 1: Your Customers’ Clients Are Other Businesses

LinkedIn is primarily a business-to-business (B2B) platform, particularly in relation to finding new customers, lead generation, and lead nurturing.

That said, there are some B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses that find success on LinkedIn, including those in the training, personal development, and professional development sectors.

However, it’s much more likely you will see posts and advertisements promoting a business service or business software application that you will for a special offer at a local restaurant or for a new smoothie brand.

So, if the customers of your customers are other businesses, they are likely to benefit from LinkedIn marketing.

Reason 2: You Have Customers that Want to Promote their Individual Brand

LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for building up personal brands and establishing individuals as thought leaders in their industry or chosen field.

If this is the objective of your clients, LinkedIn can help.

Reason 3: Recruitment is a Key Priority for Your Customers

There are many reasons why your clients might regard recruitment as a priority. For example:

They are expanding or launching into a new market and need to recruit a new team
They are diversifying or moving into a new product area and require people with very specific skills
They are in an industry where there is currently a skill’s shortage, making recruitment highly competitive
If this applies to any of your clients, LinkedIn marketing can help.

Reason 4: Your Customers Want Advertising Campaigns with Business-Focused Targeting Options

As with many other social media platforms, the best results on LinkedIn often come from a strategy that includes both standard page posts and advertising campaigns.

Where LinkedIn differs from other platforms, however, is in the targeting options it offers. On Facebook, for example, you can target by location, age, and gender as well as by some limited demographic and interest-based measurements.

You have many of these targeting options on LinkedIn too, but you also have others that are likely to be of significant interest to your B2B customers. Those ads targeting options include:

Job title
Job function
Size of company
This ability to zero in on a specific target audience based on business-related factors is not only valued by B2B companies, but it also typically delivers higher conversion rates and lower costs per conversion.

Reason 5: Your Customers Want to Optimize their Web Presence

Some people regard this point as less important than the others on this list. For many companies, however, it is crucial as managing the perception of their brand is essential.

Therefore, you may have customers that want a fully optimized web presence which includes having an all-singing-all-dancing LinkedIn page. Offering LinkedIn marketing services will help them achieve this.

Plus, many businesses don’t stop at their business page on LinkedIn as they may also ask you to optimize the individual LinkedIn pages of key leaders, managers, and employees in the business. After all, those people and their respective LinkedIn pages form part of the company’s overall online presence.

Reason 6: Your Customers Want to Build Brand Authority and Trust

Finally, you may have customers who have a business objective to build trust in their brand and to establish the business as an authority in their industry.

As you know, this takes time and it requires a comprehensive strategy, but LinkedIn can play an important role and can even accelerate the process.

For the Right Businesses, LinkedIn Works

To summarize, the main reason to offer LinkedIn marketing services in your social media agency is that, for many businesses, LinkedIn works as a marketing tool. Your customers, however, need your skills and expertise to take advantage of the benefits LinkedIn offers. Therefore, it makes sense to offer it as a service.

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