Loreal Hairstyles Reveals Latest Hair Colors Trends 2020 2021
Loreal Hairstyles Reveals Latest Hair Colors Trends 2020 2021

Loreal Hairstyles Reveals Latest Hair Colors Trends 2020 2021

Loreal Hairstyles for long curly hair by L’Oreal Professional hairdresser.

Loreal hairstyles only reveal the style of dress that will be a trend only. L’Oreal Professional featuring various styles and hair colors become the latest trend. The hair is also to complement the appearance is also changing trends each season.


Loreal Hairstyles
Loreal Hairstyles

Loreal Hairstyles for Straight Long Hair

Retro Nouveau brings an aura of retro with a modern twist, as well as to revive the charm of three fashion icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, and Twiggy.

Retro Nouveau collection is a series of color (the color trend of the L’Oreal Professional released twice a year). Three colors and styling creations Retro Nouveau style is called ‘Siren Copper’, which is inspired by iconic French international Brigitte famous Bardot-style de-coiffed chignon. Combining copper color with a hairstyle that swells up in the middle of the hair.


Loreal Hairstyles for Straight Long Curly Hair Colors
Loreal Hairstyles for Straight Long Curly Hair Colors

While the ‘Ingenue Blond’ inspired by the masculine-feminine style of Twiggy. With pieces and blond pixie, gives the impression of unique creations ala British woman of the ’50s that strong.

Recent creations are ‘Vixen Violet’, a retro-style reviving the glamor of Elizabeth Taylor. Hair color violet waves amplify volume with variation in the age of the classic American shades.

Three hair creations were created by hairdresser and hair color international experts Odile Gilbert in collaboration with Jean-Jacques dollar Ghe. Both of these highlight hairdresser boyish style, bold colors, and volume to the hair with a combination of texture and vibrant color intensity and staining techniques shadow illusion. The technique is a shadow effect on the roots, thus adding volume and texture better.


Loreal Hair Colors for Long Curly Hairstyles
Loreal Hair Colors for Long Curly Hairstyles

In order for the circuit board can be applied creations for Indonesian women, L’Oreal Professional hairdresser took four ambassadors like Ari Day Bridal Salon & Surabaya, Li Kuang Kuang from Semarang Salon, Salon Lie Andy Field and R. Irwan Doke of Irwan Team.

We make more customized creations with Indonesian women, but in fact every inspiration can be adapted to every woman because women are also unique, said Yola Sutjiutomo, Group Manager L’Oreal Professional.

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