Madonna 5 Glove Styles Fashion Icon

Celebrities often become a fashion icon who has always emulated by her fans. Accessories or clothing any top worn by the actress, always a highlight for those who want a stylish celebrities, Madonna for example, it is often seen wearing gloves at every event, if you also want to wear the accessory, as a recommendation, the following five options.

1. Bottega Veneta Leather Gloves

Bottega Veneta Leather gloves output comes with a palette of gold that looks luxurious. Sold for USD 3.5 million, the accessory can make the wearer look attractive. Combine these gloves with black coat and trousers similar berpalet.

2. Etro Berpalet Glove

Sold for Rp 2.4 million, berpalet glove is designed with a brown leather material. Solid matching coat hanger accessories accented with a red blazer and blue jeans. As complement the appearance, wear a bag and brown pump shoes.

3. Gucci Gloves

Gloves are designed in red wine can make your display look luxurious. Made of leather and cashmere material, these accessories can be bought for USD 4.3 million. Wear Alert glove fashion house Gucci is the same color blazer and black pants.

4. Mulberry Gloves

Combine it with long sleeve blouse and skinny jeans is the exact equivalent. Neutral colors on these gloves can be easier to match with any outfit cohesive. Accessories made from a combination of leather and cashmere can be purchased at a price of Rp 2.9 million.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Gloves

Brand which recently changed its name to Saint Laurent’s Paris launch gloves with a feminine touch. Comes with a palette of purple, the accessory is perfect when paired with a pink dress. If interested, you can purchase gloves made from lamb skin is worth USD 3.7 million.

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