Makeup Of The Parade Chanel Cruise 2013 in Versailles for Christmas

In May, the parade Chanel Cruise was held in the gardens of the Château de Versailles. A big surprise that showcased a fresh mind rebellious and feminine Collection caused a sensation and the beauty of the tops did not fail to challenge. Home to both C decided to put at our disposal the makeup of the parade for Christmas.Makeup Of The Parade Chanel Cruise 2012 in Versailles for Christmas

Marie Antoinette would not have denied the sublime beauty look that Chanel had chosen for her parade cruise in the gardens of Versailles & Versailles a city synonymous with beauty, poise, luxury and French refinement. Canopies of the parade encanaillement with inspired wigs color pastel hair trend of the season but what impressed us most is the subtle and colorful makeup.

Pink is the heart of this creation and not content with raising the color on the cheeks, she invites solid color on the eyes and transparency on the lips and nails. A declaration of love to the girl flower made by Peter Philips, the creative director of Chanel makeup & in the gardens monochrome petals dévergondent subtle with a fly to double C strategically placed under the eye. Position reveals a personality trait of the wearer while murders and passionate, Chanel woman enjoys the contrasts.

To pay tribute to this extraordinary procession the house has decided to release a named collection Cruise 2012 makeup that would include the necessary of this makeup. Racy gold illuminating powder “Fly Beauty” is a wink and highlights the complexion with the subtlety of a chic draped, like its relief’s stamped.

Limited edition, it comes with another unique product: the Rose Favorite Eyeshadow. Matt and bright, it is deposited in solid color on the eyelid and gives us a look mischievous. Finally, to complete this line, there is a contrast blush Blush Rose Petal with fine gold glitter a Rouge Coco Shine Evasion, delicately pink and peach natural varnish Tenderness, pastel colors that our nails while transparency perfect for to the low manicure.

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