Mariah Carey Release OPI Nail Polish

After the release of some perfume, Mariah Carey will make other beauty products. Singer of ‘Hero’ was planned to be created with OPI nail polish.Mariah Carey Release OPI Nail Polish

42 year-old singer will launch two collections of nail polish. Quoted from Female First, Mariah says she can not wait for the results of nail design. Sexy women admitted to treatment like manicure and often nail polish colors.

I actually have attended classes in grade 11 beauty, so I’ve got something. So trust me. I can manicure. OPI nail polish know that you use can make a big difference, not only in appearance, but also on nail care. So why I believe the brand OPI, “said Mariah.

OPI is often in collaboration with celebrities to create a new nail color. Call it Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and most recently, which is believed to work, is Mariah Carey.

Nails are part of her personality (Mariah Carey). I’m always looking for celebrity nails. And it’s not in the edit using Photoshop,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, vice president and artistic director of OPI.

Mariah Carey’s first collection will be release next year Consists of eight colors, which will be distributed in stores in January 2013.

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