Martha Tilaar Day Spa Sensation massaged with Hot Wax

Martha Tilaar Day Spa re-creates new innovations. Spa is always taken material from the Earth Indonesia has now launched a Massage Candle treatments. Care is inspired by the wealth of oil and aromatherapy. As we know the material is one of the basic ingredients of the candle maker. By mixing other natural materials candles were created specifically for the new treatment at Martha Tilaar Day Spa.

Martha Tilaar Day Spa Sensation massaged

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Massage Candle provides a warm sensation when the molten wax dripped on the skin. Function of the special wax to remove dead skin cells and dirt on the body. Selan, the content of Shea butter and palm oil provide moisturizing properties nourish the skin and aromatherapy to make the body more relaxed.

Stages of Massage Candle treatment carried out for 120 minutes. Privileged treatment lies in the techniques that have been pouring hot molten wax on the body. Immediately felt a warm sensation on the skin.

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Followed by gentle massage on relaxation points. Movement starts from the front of the legs, abdomen, chest and hands. Treatment ends with body rinse with warm water to enhance relaxation and rest kotorang and culottes cell death that has been raised during the treatment.

In Martha Tilaar day spa are four variants of Massage Candle you can choose based on functionality and usefulness. Exotic Frangipani a candle with a mixture of frangipani flowers that contain emollients and vitamin E that serve to moisturize soften and add nutrients.

Martha Tilaar Day Spa Sensation massaged with Hot Wax to Remove Dead Skin Cells.

Martha Tilaar day spa is also Tropical Hibiscus is a wax that contains hibiscus with sitronellol and geraniol content. Serves as an antiseptic brightens dull skin and helps reduce cellulite on the body.

Coconut Lime a blend of coconut and lime juice blended into the wax. Two of these materials contain many vitamins are good for lightening skin reduce cellulite and prevent premature aging and body odor disappeared.

Martha Tilaar Day Spa

The fourth variant is the Sacred Lotus which utilizes a lotus flower. benefit of the lotus is to delay premature aging, smooth skin, improve skin vitality, and reduce weight.

Interested in trying this unique treatment? Candle Care Massage for Rp 260 thousand. Treatments can be enjoyed on Martha Tilaar Day Spa in Drogheda, Cikini, Wahid Hashim, coconut Ivory and Prapanca.

Spa Sensation massaged with Hot Wax to Remove Dead Skin Cells. Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Body Treatment. Martha Tilaar Day Spa re-creates new innovations.

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