Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips
Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips

The Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips to Apply at Home

Today we share 5 natural beauty tips for your beauty skin. Women spend our lives making regarding natural beauty treatment exists in the market to see us beautiful, many of them extremely expensive and even painful, but in that effort to try to see us beautiful is that we end up seeing artificial and that is why we resort other types of methods to achieve what we really want, using the best tips natural beauty.

This time, I not only shoulder the wonder of natural beauty but will also help to improve both the body and the mind feeling good about you what you are and have.The Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips to Apply at Home


To perform these tips beauties, first of all, you believe in yourself and think that you are beautiful as you are; there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. You should also change your eating habits, following a balanced, nothing drastic diet but if consequently, you should drink plenty of water and exercising regularly, you can start walking with friends, dancing or running short routes.

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5 Musts Natural Beauty Tips

  1. Start the natural beauty tips with your face:

First of all, must accept the way and the kind of face you have, unfortunately, that is you were born with and can not do anything else, you learn to accept and love your skin but not always be toned or without imperfections.

Then you should try to eliminate the imperfections of your face matching the natural color of your skin, for it, there are many natural products that can be used to do so.

Some of the products are:

  • The butter care (to match your skin tone)
  • Rosemary oil (to prevent acne)
  • Tea tree oil (to remove acne)
  • Hazelnut oil (to reduce redness)

The correct way to use these products is adding a few drops of the product that you need, depending on the case you present in the cream that you use at night.

These products must be supplemented by adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and eating vitamin C and d.

You can also exfoliate your face with natural products such as sugar and you must do no more than 3 times in the week since it will dry out and could suffer from redness.

Wash your face in the morning with plenty of cold water using an easy cleaner that does not contain alcohol, you could use hydrogen peroxide , and you can do all day, remember to protect your face from the sun’s rays using a protective daily use.

  1. Use makeup wisely:

Often use more makeup we need in our face, we must be cautious to apply ourselves so many products that in some cases are harmful to our skin. Some tips for using makeup are:

Do not wear makeup when you do not need, that is, if you are in your house and you do not go to work or somewhere you require using it can keep your face free of those impurities and let it breathe at least for a day.

  • Make up your face slightly, little dust removes only the brightness of your skin, mascara, pink lipstick gloss or flesh colored and just a touch of pink blush will make you look beautiful without overloading your face.
  • Do not sleep with makeup, more tired you are when you get home, it is mandatory to remove the makeup from your face as this will severely impair the lives of your face, causing wrinkles and not letting your skin breathe necessary to maintain its elasticity.
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  1. Brush your teeth regularly and cares:

It is important to take care of our teeth, as being part of our face is part of our letter, plus oral hygiene and our body must be part of our daily life.

Care for your teeth does not require much sacrifice, however, keep in mind the following:

  • Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day.
  • Complements the care of your teeth using floss and mouthwash dent6al in the morning and at night
  • If you are the people who eat gum, chewing seeks those who are sugar to prevent cavities
  • Visit the dentist at least twice a year for you to perform cleanups
  • Avoid smoking and snuff
  • Avoid coffee and refreshments in the case that ingest, consume them through a straw or straw to prevent staining that these generate.

4. Sleep 8 hours a day or a little more:

Sleep is the most important to stay healthy and prevent serious illnesses habit and is one of the most significant ways to keep young and fresh, which is why we must sleep, sleep and sleep because usually 80% of people do not as it should be,

Keep the following schemes when to rest:

  • Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day and if you can more than 10.
  • Program is set to one hour do you usually do at 10 pm
  • Do not eat meals at least 3 hours before bedtime as some meals activate people and also affects good digestion
  • If you have problems falling asleep relationship uses techniques such as:
  • Starts with your feet contracting your muscles for 10 seconds and relax.

Continue with the rest of the body stretching and relaxing the leg, buttocks, abdomen, and arms with hands, neck, facial muscles and all for 10 seconds as well.

  • If your thoughts do not let you sleep can help put soft music.
  • If your problem is chronic avoid self-medicate and uses or infusions that help you sleep.
  1. Have You Exercised Regularly:

It has been found that exercises are good for health and to keep our bodies in shape. First of all, you must be aware of the shape and texture of your body, but without obsessing as this may be counterproductive to achieve the results you want.

No need to strive as time on television or follow a strict diet, or belong to health clubs that offer in every way, just be yourself without surrender.

If you do not like exercises in the gym seeks to choose a competitive sport or one that you like so do not let a few days.

Also, walk your dog, ride a bike or dancing are excellent exercises as it helps the cardiovascular system and thus make you feel safe and happy because during it releases endorphins.

Tips for a Natural Beauty

  • Watch your nails with creams and moisturizing aloe Vera follow a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of protein, grains, and vegetables. Also, it consumes lots of fruits like strawberries and blackberries these are beneficial for healthy skin and are full of vitamins.
  • When you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, I rinse with cold water, do not use warm much less hot.
  • Try to take days off at work. Stress can cause many skin diseases and other.
  • Finally, to complement these tips natural beauty you should go to your doctor and make full examination even once a year and not present any condition.

This way you are always prevented with your physical health and remember that these are natural beauty tips yet must have confidence in you as you believe it or not beautiful.

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