Top 5 Ways To Best Natural Remedies For Gray Hair

Top 5 Ways To Best Natural Remedies For Gray Hair

It is well known by all natural remedies for gray hair that inevitably over time, some signs that indicate how to make natural remedies for gray hair they appear worn our body is both inside and out.

Top 5 Ways To Best Natural Remedies For Gray Hair

However, many of us have a misconception of what they represent these effects, as not all indicate that we are old or already belong to the group of seniors. The graying, for example, can be caused by many factors beyond the aging of cells, and despite being very upset, because significantly affect the aesthetics, can be easily resolved. For your fortune, this time, I decided to share with you the five best natural remedies for gray hair.

So if you are starting out this white hair sooner than you thought do not be afraid! I assure you that when you put into practice these remedies, this unpleasant and unsightly white hair disappear. Estate attentive and notes.

Natural Remedies For Gray Hair


But before making any natural remedies for gray hair, we know their causes

Why gray hairs appear? This abnormal pigmentation of hair follicles occurs when there is an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. This component in large amounts, blocking the synthesis of melanin, which is the main responsible for giving the intense and distinctive color to our hair…

Generally, hydrogen peroxide is used by many hairdressers and stylists in their salons to a bleach hair of women who want to change their dark natural tone for a lighter.

Although the body produces under normal conditions the levels are not enough to create this variation in the hair follicles of the scalp. It is there when internal or external agents make a dent in the creation and release of this component because due to these causes the body is unable to produce the amount of enzyme (tyrosinase) enough to break the peroxide and transform it into oxygen and water separate.

Unlike what many believe, this abnormality not only has to do with the passage of time and age, there are many other reasons that indicate that not only these factors influence this process. Some reasons why the peroxide begins to accumulate and enzymes are not able to perform their work well to produce melanin are:

  • Genetic defects
  • The hormones
  • The weather
  • Pollutants
  • Toxins
  • Undue exposure to certain substances
  • Stress
  • The consumption of an unbalanced diet
  • The practice of unhealthy habits
  • Some emotional problems

Then passeth explains how these factors induce peroxide accumulation and therefore to the appearance of gray annoying. Pay attention.

Stress can influence the formation of gray hair

Surely you have wondered what relationship the stress with the development of gray hair early, because how could we even think that the work, school, and family obligations would cause the appearance of these white and gray hair? Actually, yes. And it is that for long has been thought and even shown that the nerves and pressures, obligations and stress cause gray hair.

This theory we see demonstrated in subjects or individuals who know they have many responsibilities and, therefore, are exposed to great stress, such as presidents and public officials, which usually begin their work with hair some color and over time, despite not being properly elderly, significantly changed, and we see their hair (if they still hold them) filled with a rich white pigment, so many of them decide to even shave completely and be without care of this side effect of stress.

In addition to induce the formation of gray hair, stress causes many other evils in our body that are worth considering, affecting not only within us but also our outward an acceleration of neurotransmitter levels that can damage the structure of DNA (which in fact, could change the hair color) , difficulty in sleeping, eye diseases, fatigue, fatigue, depression, etc. A health as this is not encouraging is it not?

Genetic factors as possible triggers of graying

To confirm this suspicion in your case, you could ask your parents or close to that time of their lives relatives began presenting graying. Surely you will be surprised to hear his response coincides with the time when you began to suffer from this change in the color of your hair.

Often the time that peroxide accumulation is evident is determined by genetics. Therefore, if your ancestors suffered from premature graying, chances are you also in a more or less similar period.

An unbalanced diet could also cause premature graying

Obviously, diet and diet that we are closely related to many of the processes occurring in our body. Therefore, it is vital to avoid at all costs a lack of vitamin B12 for example, not to wear a white and gray hair before 50 years.

Some foods that contain large amounts of the vitamin are salmon, egg, tuna, and sardines. On the other hand, you must remove the excessive consumption of coffee, spices, and fried foods from your diet as these could advance the development of this process.

Some unhealthy habits and emotional problems can trigger the accumulation of peroxide

As I said before, white hair may be the result of a lot of factors, two of them are often ignored, they are the practice of certain habits and emotional problems. For example, if you smoke, drink too much or do not take any regular physical activity can sneak forging yourself full of gray hair and gray hair future.

For its part, the troubles and depression can cause our hair turns white long before we think. It has been shown that in most cases, the pigmentation of the follicles returns to normal after a relative happened depressive or emotional disturbance.

Discover which the top 5 natural remedies for gray hair are

If inevitably any of the above factors took their toll on your levels of peroxide, you can try the following home remedies for gray hair, are super easy to make and very effective:

  1. Onion, vegetable perfect to eliminate gray hair

You can gradually eliminate the annoying gray hair massaging your scalp with a little onion juice, as has been shown a scientific study of the University of Bradford   (Yorkshire, UK)

This is because one of the enzymes of this magnificent plant, namely catalase , significantly decreases the amount of hydrogen peroxide, in turn, prevents the accumulation in the hair follicles that produces annoying canities.

To make this juice can cut onion finely and squeeze with the help of a mortar or make a paste with it. You can also rub half an onion on the scalp. Anyway, you get the same result, elimination of gray hair .

  1. Agate, one of the home remedies for the most effective gray

It is no secret that the avocado or avocado as many often calls, thanks to its rich fatty acid content, has a lot of medicinal properties.

It also has many essential minerals and vitamin E , which, serves to moisturize, restructure and debug , thus preventing premature graying of hair. This as indicated by various research at the University of Los Angeles (California, United States)

To reap the benefits of avocado just open one-half, remove the pulp and place in a bowl. Machacala until a more or less homogeneous and apply on the scalp pasta. Leave on for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water, when finished, wash your hair as usual.

  1. Walnut, nut, egg and rosemary, the ideal combination to hide gray hair

For this home remedy will need 2 sheets walnut 5 well-crushed nuts, the shell of an egg and a mallet (handful) of rosemary. Mix everything until the firm dough, with which you will make a mask. Leave on for at least an hour and at the end rinse with, never hot or cold lukewarm water. You can repeat this process once a week, the results will be amazing.

  1. Remedy for gray hair natural based sage and rosemary

Natural remedies for gray hair for this recipe precise areas only three tablespoons each of these herbs if they are fresh so much the better. Pictures tagged with a cup of boiling water and mix well until incorporated all; let stand for 10 minutes. Strain the preparation and applied to the scalp to form rinse, should make sure to do this last, because you can not wash your hair after applying this remedy.

  1. Henna with lemon juice, the perfect natural dye to hide gray hair

This home remedy for gray hair is super simple to prepare, and the results are superb. To prepare you should only use three tablespoons of henna powder and a tablespoon of lemon juice, mixing until a consistent paste. Apply as you would with any other conventional dye, i.e., with the help of a comb or special brush, distribute the preparation throughout the hair and, when finished, cover with a cap or plastic bag. Let sit for three hours and removed by rinsing with warm water.

Henna leaves hair with a spectacular reddish if the process is repeated several times. And the best part is that this is possible from home and without spending a penny on expensive treatments and dyes in a salon.

So you are motivated to implement these wonderful natural remedies for gray hair? There is no doubt that nature offers everything you need to look and feel beautiful. I invite you to continue visiting our website, where you will find the best natural remedies for you.

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