New Beauty Technology Digital Foundation

You must have been familiar with the foundation. The foundation has now been progressing. You no longer need to daub brush by hand there are now new technology called digital foundation. Like what?

New Beauty Technology Digital Foundation
New Beauty Technology Digital Foundation

Digital Foundation is a tool that has a sponge applicator to daub foundation on the face. With a dedicated machine without having to connect to utility power (only using the battery), digital foundation can be directly used.

When the machine is turned on, the applicator sponge by itself will rotate. With a speed of 5000 Pats per minute (5000 outward appearance of every minute of it) will make the foundation more evenly on the skin and avoid the lumps.

In a series of digital tools and three foundation. Each foundation has a different color tone (light, medium and dark) and can be changed by three different sponges.

One of the digital foundation is recommended Digital Romi Foundation. You can order it online at HSN worth U.S. $ 89.99 or approximately USD 800 thousand.

Beauty Gadget is not the first time. Previously there was electrical product called ‘Age LOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II’.

The product is shaped like a razor (shaver) with a miniature heating iron like iron. Electrical products are not sick when used, the process was easy. Before the ‘ironed out’, face covered with cream and a special gel first. The content of the cream can go faster with the ‘iron face’ is.

The product is claimed to be clean, refreshing and smooth the skin from wrinkles. And shrink pores, remove black spots and shrink eye bags.

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