Order for children Easy Drinking Drugs

Are you overwhelmed in giving medication to children? Taste bitter medicine tends to make the baby feel reluctant to drink it, Need own tricks that children want and taking it easy.

Here are some tips you can try

The first is to not provide coercion. Forcing children to take the medicine directly into her throat is wrong. This can cause choking and medication he actually gets into the lungs.

Give her discretion when and how will taking it. Even so, keep control of the situation so that the drug can be taken according to the recommended dosage and time.

Both of the child medication is easy to eliminate the smell. This trick can be done with a fruit juice after taking the drug or can be mixed when taking medication. Or give a small piece of ice cubes. It aims to reduce right of leadership sense of taste.

Third is to drink medicine with food or beverages. This usually depends on the type of drug administered. There is a form of syrups, tablets and capsules.

We recommend that you first ask your doctor or pharmacist whether the medication into the food mix will not affect the dose of the drug itself. For children older than 3 years, you certainly will not be too difficult to deliver drugs. Another case if your child is under 2 years old let alone a baby, required special handling and more carefully so that children easily take medicine.

Here’s a simple trick that can be practiced.

First, you can use the dropper or also called oral spray. This tool will make it easier to drink the liquid medications in infants. The pipette tip more easily gets into the baby’s mouth than a teaspoon.

Second, consider how to give medication. To ease your baby swallow medicine, give me from the corner of the mouth. Put right in the middle of the tongue or mouth and not directly to the throat.

Third, give medication gradually. You can her intersperse with water or flavored water to reduce the bitter taste of drugs.

Fourth, stand it in an upright position to avoid choking. Then make sure that he is calm. It would be difficult to get him to take medication when she is cranky and rebellious.

You can ask for help from others and create an atmosphere of fun when going to deliver the drug in children.

Bitter taste and odor is the main factor that makes the child does not want to take medication. This can be overcome by providing an alternative medicine that has been flavored. For example, orange or apple flavored syrups.

You can ask the pharmacist. The most important thing you should provide medicine with compassion and patience.

Less comfortable atmosphere will make the child rebel when given the drug.

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