People Play “Shine” With Fluorescent Tattoo

Luminous tattoo is meant to be kind of glow in the dark tattoos. Darker more prominent tattoos with eye catching color patterns enchanting. Through the understanding of PV, in Hanoi only a few tattoo art center professional activities on the basis of aesthetic practices and materials to serve high safety.

People Play "Shine" With Fluorescent Tattoo People Play "Shine" With Fluorescent Tattoo

At the tips of a friend named Son is currently engaged in a club like this we look to the tattoo club Mr. Tattoo at 9 Phuc Tan (Hanoi). This is the place a lot of young people look up to, people who attend or the art enthusiast but mostly customers find the desire to own a unique tattoo aesthetic. Son, in addition to the usual method of tattoo, the club also has 3D tattoo, tattoo stone studded … but from an unknown tattoo cleared up, and the other common services seemed to slow down. Most customers find interest in “light technology” unique.

According to Son, secret glow tattoo artist will prepare Ultra Violet inks (or called offline inks), then put into the body; processes like regular tattoos. This ink glowing purple light goes scanner lamp, the LEDs in the floor or bar … Currently, on the market there are many types of tattoo ink, cheap popular Mid of China to the class rather than in Thailand, Malaysia … Some tattoos also affirmed its base inks used is type of portable Korea should create cost a tattoo products sometimes up to 5-7 million.

Sample tattoo colorless UV luminescence in the dark

According to Minh – a player has the cheek in the capital Hanoi, true colors you and higher fastness want to tattoo ink to be genuine. For the type of ink is used for small retail establishments, for the least money. These tattoos are usually hidden deep in the lane, close to the focus areas of many students. A survey around the stalls selling cosmetics in the market, can easily find the type of tattoo ink with the words in Chinese guide smudgy with names printed sloppy: Black, samoink. .., if smart purchase price only less than 100 thousand / bottle.

However, the product is often dull, no light sensitivity when arrested at the bar. As for class tattoo inks and more brands such as Dynamic, Kokaisumi (Japan) … and the price is quite high: 900,000 – 1,400,000 VND / bottle. Along with the complexity of the shape, the price of each tattoo so also team up.

Fluorescent tattoo to make it more “shock”

With effect that shines in the dark, to increase the horror, tattoo patterns more customers choices are bizarre shapes such as: Spider Princess, scorpions, skulls … tattoos even violent “as much bloodshed as attractive” – Minh said. And said, I just took off button shirt to reveal the tattoo in the middle of the abdomen, to faithfully describe the fatal knife and small blood drop by drop look very scary. The color of the tattoo is bright red, makes the rogue no bank from appalled. Because, in the dark, prominent tattoo pictures small blood droplets as they really are.

UV ink is of two types: Colorless and colored. However, the colored inks fade quickly, to catch light sensitivity. People play often prefer colorless ink, because it only glow in the dark; under daylight, few people see. Artist Nguyen Phuong Linh has just show off three where neck tattoo just said: “The reason I chose colored UV inks because it is fading fast, Admiral.”

Young artist Nguyen Phuong Linh with UV tattoos color.

Ming has just lifted the sleeve showing the skull cavity with two red glowing eyes and smile full of excited. However, to effectively “2 in 1”, luminescent tattoo still be young to receive a long-term viable than the previous one tattoo. But in the dark, the new tattoo to take effect as they will automatically emit white light, blue or red, depending on the color of UV ink tattoo choice should be more acquaintances nightlife options . If tattoo ink is “genuine”, the light emitted is the color of the limelight at the bar so the outside looking in as a cell block lights are eye-catching.

With the “hidden” like, colorless UV inks also the professional gambling fool used to mark the cards. Only when wearing contact lenses or special glasses can see. Moreover, the people play extremely “to” this kind of tattoo, by under limelight click flashy, more tattoos as well. Incidentally, this type of fluorescent tattoo not only attract people to play that many students, students who are interested.

Lan Anh (3rd year student of the National University of Hanoi) said: “This type of ink is only visible when in the dark. This is the desire of many people, because they said that the day work or go to important places, they do not want the tattoo on your body surface. When these gray exposed to sunlight, they will turn yellow or light brown, almost the same as the color of human skin and this is the best way for them to avoid scrutinizing look of fastidious parents. ”

However, the fluorescent tattoos must be skilled and experienced in order to avoid accidents to the tattoo from the virulence of the tattoo ink. However, Chi Hieu (Head Tattoo Tattoo art club), although the club is always full advanced equipment as well as tattoo ink tattoo to serve our needs clearing but he was not discouraged by ” bring the UV ink dermatology hospital to check, the results showed that in the ink composition has many carcinogenic elements “, Hieu explain.

On the other hand, the characteristics of UV inks are difficult to bleach should break stage tattoo many times more complex than regular tattoos technology. Although current technology with modern tattoos are many hospitals used to remove tattoos as a skin graft, but only applicable to the case of smaller tattoos palm because if the image is too large, difficult stripped skin with tattoos.

With the laser beam method, no matter how modern it is hard work to break the tattoo color, especially for UV tattoos will be ingrained in the flesh than regular tattoos so will certainly leave scars large. At that time, the owner if you want to return to the original state tattoo aesthetic would have to be very expensive. “Many people after remedial expensive than the cost of a tattoo,” Son said.

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