Podcasting- How It is Beneficial for your Blogging Journey

Podcasting- How It is Beneficial for your Blogging Journey

Podcasting- How It is Beneficial for your Blogging Journey(BROADCASTING), Podcasting is nothing it is a form of content in audio.

Over the internet. So, if you want to know what is podcasting and how do it is beneficial for your Blogging Journey. Then definitely read this guide.Podcasting- How It is Beneficial for your Blogging Journey

Podcasting- How It is Beneficial for your Blogging Journey

ACTUALLY, PODCASTING WORD COMES FROM “iPod” + “BROADCASTING“. A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files

If you don’t know about the iPod,  then it’s a very popular MP3 device by apple that is now closed By Apple.

Podcasting is Nothing, Just an Audio Form of a Content.

All Topics in This Article

Scope Of Podcasting

When it comes to anything that we are going to start then we also have to aware about the future.  So in the podcasting future is very bright. Podcasting is now growing I think it will take three to four year more to grow completely.

When it will be grown completely you will see a popular app like YouTube that plays the podcasts for you.

Podcasting is Beating Radio

You probably know that YouTube is beating television. Growth and value of televisions are decreasing day-by-day.

That was by many popular channels like Star Plus, colors created their own apps to promote their series.

Just like that, Podcasting is beating the radio. I think many Radio stations need to start their own podcasts to survive in coming time.

From these statements, You got the idea where the podcasting exists. If You are willing to  start your podcasting business then

Let’s Start,

How to Start Podcasting

First, you need a buy a  microphone to start Podcasts. If, You are thinking I will start Podcasts With my mobile Phone Mic.

Then, You are Wrong? Why?

Because quality is everything,  secondly, you have to invest money in your business. In every business, you have to invest money like that you have to invest in the podcasting Business.

Your Investment is not going to be $1000, it’s on $19 (1400 Rupees). I think is it is your basic need to start your podcast. You can also and your business with earphone mic but I did not recommend it.

If you are reading to investment then I will prefer you to buy Boya By-M1 Microphone.  This microphone will record crystal clear voice.  I am also using it, that was why I am referring you to buy it.

When it comes to your audio editing you can use a free open source software called audacity. That’s all,  these two are the assets that help you to grow your podcasting business.

Now, You have everything to be a Pod caster. But, You did not have Platform to upload your podcast. For this, you can Use Websites like Pod Bean, Speaker etc to upload your podcasts

If, You have a WordPress Blog then, You can also use a WordPress Plugin called “seriously simple podcasting” For this. I recommend you a shared Hosting for Your starter WP Blog.

Money Making Opportunity in Podcasting

Is am I Right? Huh?

You have many Ways to Make Money through Podcasting. There are many ways to build Money. Like Paid Member Ship, sponsorships, advertisements and much more.

I think You Probably knew about these all so, I didn’t need to explain them.

How Pod

How Podcasting is Beneficial for Blogging

Gain Traffic as much they can. So, In podcasts, We can go Branding of our Blog and also gain some high-quality backlinks.

Brian Dean From Backlinko, Gain Around 1000 New visitors per month with the Help of Podcasts.

So, in this way, we can earn links and traffic.


Podcasting is nothing it is a form of content in audio.

So, Did Have to worry about this Great Name and Do Focus on Your Work to help all People.

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