Side Effects Wear High Heels Pain Nails Grow Up

High heels become the mainstay of women’s shoes in appearance. Unfortunately these shoes are causing a lot of complaints ranging from pain until the toenail grows into.Side Effects Wear High Heels Pain Nails Grow Up

Stephen Strain foot health experts from London to explain the causes of why women often feel pain after wearing high heels. According to him the pain will occur when you rarely wear these shoes and the right kind of high.

Strain exposed when wearing high heels your calf muscles to contract when the foot is used for walking. The ankle also is located several inches above the ground, so the calf muscles must work harder.

Just like sports if your muscles are not familiar after the diving event of the body will be sore the next day. The same is true in high heels.

Strain said it was important to have high heels can be worn comfortably and correctly. Shoes should have a place to move toe. Even if the shoes were pointy end the following points should be located so that the toe is pressed. If the opposite happens the leg will feel very sore after your day wearing these high heels.

A taper right shoe also determine how it affects your legs. The more pointy heels the greater the impact on the feet.

We recommend that if you want the pain did not come up over and over, get used to wearing high heels in the move. With regular use these types of shoes; your leg muscles will get used. The use of high heels that do not regularly can actually make the calf pain.

Ideally vary your use of shoes with high heels shoes with heels that are not too high. In this way the leg muscles will be more familiar.

For those who like to wear high heels, try taking the time to do stretching or stretching every morning. This step can make the muscles are not tense and circulation.

To ease the pain or soreness you can also soak the feet in warm water. Add Epsom salt. Salt is rich in minerals including magnesium and sulfate. When the skin absorbs the magnesium it will help the body repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

In addition to causing soreness or pain, other hazards of high heels is that it can cause ingrown toenails. Medical experts foot specialist (podiatrist) from Loyola University Health System the United States explained puts constant pressure on the toes the big toenail can grow into the skin and cause infection.

“Nails that grow into the leg can be very painful, but many women who do not care about the discomfort and continue to wear high heels,” said Rodney Stuck, a professor of Podiatry, as quoted second Health from Health Day.

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