Sixth Makeup Style Is Also Suitable Be Applied To Looking At The Christmas Party Or New Year Later

The event always brings inspiration fashion week trends. Not only about the clothes, but also makeup. For example, the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which took place some time ago.Sixth Makeup Style Is Also Suitable Be Applied To Looking At The Christmas Party Or New Year Later

A variety of makeup styles ranging from natural makeup to look glamorous and experimental graced the stage runway. In addition to the latest fashion collections from famous designers.

At the end of this year, Maybelline make-up as the main sponsor for the (NYFW) throughout 2012, summarizes six makeup trends that can be applied to day-to-day look. Like what? Marketing Manager Consumer Products Division Maybelline Mitzy Cassandra, providing leak in the Media Gathering at Commune Cafe & Bistro, Senopati, South Jakarta,

1. New York Chic

Promoting everyday makeup natural for young women. Apply bright colors on lips for a younger fresher impression. Use soft colors on the eye shadow like brown, beige, beige with a touch of shimmer. To face looked fresh, Dab blush pink coral.

2. Alluring Darling

Create a romantic style with shades of pink makeup outward. According Mitzy, makeup is suitable for displaying the romantic and feminine women. Especially when you want to go out with a lover or just want to look chic feminine.

3. Glitterati Party

Party-goers, this makeup for you! Boost your make-up in the eye area with solid colors and a sprinkling of glitter to show the impression of glamour. “Her style is not as usual. Different, festive, unique. We can make eye makeup funny,” advises Mitzy. She recommends a silvery color and glittery for the style of this one.

4. Provocative Fashionista

For you who are into fashion and dare to experiment with new makeup style, this provocative makeup can be tried. Show lines are intense and dramatic eyes with eyeliner gel formula. Apply eyeliner with a line that tapers upward, and ‘s reply berry lipstick shades.

5. Classic Confidence

Classic makeup style, suitable to look pretty at the office. Eyeliner is used to reinforce the eye line that displays self-confidence. Apply a nude-colored makeup on the lips, eyes and cheeks for a professional impression, but beautiful.

6. Sexy Starlet

If you want to look sexy and seductive, emphasize the pull line is thick and intense eyeliner, With a few lines sticking out on the outer end of the eye. Wear mascara that serves to thicken the lashes that seem flirtier. For the lips? Nothing is more seductive than a solid red light.

Sixth makeup style is also suitable be applied to looking at the Christmas party or New Year Later. Choose makeup that best suits your personality. Good luck!

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