What Are Some Natural Remedies For Dandruff
What Are Some Natural Remedies For Dandruff

What Are Some Natural Remedies For Dandruff + Oily Scalp + Shampoo

There are natural remedies for dandruff very appropriate, since this anomaly occurs in many people and appears on the scalp for both oily hair and dry, one of the consequences that dandruff can do if proper use of a treatment is not done and give it the importance it deserves is from the fall or break hair to alopecia.

Natural remedies for dandruff do not have any contraindication; therefore its use can be helpful. Dandruff occurs when there is the increase in the sebaceous glands or conversely decreases to a great extent the gland, resulting in the appearance of white flakes and that are easily seen at the time a used garment of clothing and even more if this is dark get to see much more detail and easily staying in the comb.

One of the reasons why dandruff appears is inadequate intake of carbohydrates and even excessive consumption of sugar, for that reason natural remedies for dandruff are recommended for their high natural content and you can have more information in Recommendations home remedies. It is also considered stress or current standard of living that leads people do not allow them general discos.

Dandruff shampoo generally exhibited in the market is used, however, are high in chemicals, they can help you greatly to controlling or total loss of dandruff and this will depend on the degree of seborrhea that is hosted on the scalp.

Here I show 8 Natural Remedies for Dandruff, s enclose and very inexpensive naturally help you solve this problem:

  1. A simple way is to use a lemon. The way to apply it is very easy, simply chop the lemon and squeeze the juice. First, you must wash your hair with shampoo of your choice or your use of habit, then you rinse your hair with plenty of water, then you are going to place you to rinse the lemon juice and you’re going to apply on the hair making small message with the yolk fingers to the scalp in a very gentle way, you can leave about ten minutes, then you rinse with fresh water. This will not only help you remove dandruff but also provides the much hair natural shine.
  2. Some Natural Remedies For Dandruff
    Some Natural Remedies For Dandruff
  1. You can make a natural hair tonic as follows. Place in a saucepan one liter of water and when it is boiling add one stems and leaves of celery, simmer for about 5 minutes or so, let stand. Then apply it on the scalp, takes the opportunity to give hair gentle massage, they always help stimulate the scalp.
  1. Add a cup of vinegar in a cup of water. Wash your hair in the usual way, apply the desired rinse. Then you go to putting on the hair vinegar water already have prepared to let it act for a while on the scalp. Like making small circular massage. This tonic helps relieve dryness when it attacks the scalp and makes white scales.


  1. Sometimes one of the important factors for the occurrence of dandruff hair is exposure to extremely low temperatures daily. This makes the dehydrated scalp and produces more dryness. For this situation I recommend daily expose the scalp to the sun for at least 30 minutes early hours of the morning or if you prefer after 4 hours late. When this occurs and you flake out on the sun acts as an anti – inflammatory for the skin.
  1. Almond oil is highly recommended to help eliminate dandruff housed in the scalp. The way to use it is. Separate hair into how many parts you please and you make application easier, then take a cotton ball and add almond oil, apply on the scalp. After applying it throughout the hair, you can use a plastic cap and leave it on for approximately 20 minutes. Now you can wash your hair. This remedy should be applied once a week to help loosen scales hosted on the scalp, if applied in very soon form can reverse its effect.

Sesame oil is also recommended for dandruff, your application must be pure oil. Similarly pour two tablespoons of oil and applies throughout the area of the scalp, let stand for a few minutes, do not forget to make circular massage very gentle to the scalp while the product is acting on the skin. After the required time, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse usually. This application can make one 2 or three times a week.

  1. The tropical fruit avocado, always a recommended fruit hair, not only serves to polish and eye candy hair but is also recommended as a home remedy for dandruff. It has a very simple way to apply it to the scalp:

Takes a ripe avocado and chopped into parts extráele pulp, then apply directly to the scalp with movements soft to help remove scales that are in the. Then wash your hair with fresh water, apply shampoo and rinse preference. This process with avocado you can apply between two and three times a week.

  1. Baking soda can be used as a home remedy for dandruff as it affects the inflammation of the skin product appearance of white flakes. It is very easy to apply, only in a cup of water poured two tablespoons of baking soda, stir well, then applied directly to the scalp, leave on for about ten minutes. Wash hair and rinse with water.
  1. The egg has always been recommended for hair to provide shine and moisture when it is dry. However, for hair loss is recommended as follows: with an egg and add a tablespoon of honey, revuélvelos well until this with consistency mask, then apply all over the head by gentle, circular massage it reaches the leather scalp for approximately ten minutes. Then wash with fresh water, apply shampoo and rinse.

Dandruff is very common and should be checked by a dermatologist, however, home and natural medicine remedies are also recommended minimizing the inflammatory process of the skin preventing it reflected in dandruff, they do not have serious consequences on their use, and It helps minimize the use of chemicals that alter the equally inflammatory process. Similarly, it is important to note that if testing is mild and these home remedies and the problem is not stopped, it is important to consult a skin specialist doctor to avoid further risks.

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