Spa Body Scrub Treatments by Rianti Cartwright

Spa body scrub treatments is not only a way of normal Treatments but it become a necessity in this busy life. The Spa body scrub treatments is also increasingly prevalent in Jakarta. If a few years ago,Spa body scrub treatments synonymous with exclusive treatments that are present in five-star hotel, Spa body scrub treatments now be found in many places. The price also varies, ranging from expensive to affordable.

Spa Body Scrub Treatments

Spa Body Scrub Treatments

One of the recommendations is a Spa body scrub treatments at an affordable price Spa Cikajang Bale-Bale. Spa owned by actress and presenter Rianti Cartwright was presenting a variety of body treatments with a comfortable, clean and reasonable price of course.

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Situated in the Cikajang (near Wolter Monginsidi), Bale-Bale is a Spa body scrub treatments with traditional concepts. Bale-bale enters the stairs are made of wood, rattan and bamboo. Entered into, the more traditional elements thick with cement floors only without using tiles.

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In the initial entry you will select spa treatments. Etc fashion blog try Rianti favored treatment. Although busy in the world its keartisan former MTV VJ’s, still found time to regularly check the business, as well as perform maintenance. According to one therapist, Rianti like scrubs avocado facial mask of milk and strawberries. Etc fashion blog team was intrigued by these treatments.

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After determining the treatment, the therapist led to the spa. Entering the Spa body scrub treatments room, you’ll know why the place is called the Bale-bale because it consists of several large bale or seat of the wood is often used to relax the traditional society.

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Bale is very large with the curtains were closed, so that a three-chamber. That makes customers more comfortable that they can look through the window of a green plant with a body massage.

After changing clothes with batik fabric, customers will be massaged for 30 minutes. After that, the body will be covered with milk. In addition to whiten and firm the skin, other dairy functions to facilitate removal of dead skin cells when diluted.


After membalurkan milk, avocado body scrub rubbed on the body. Avocado strong aroma makes the team Etc fashion blog curious where to find these herbal products. Apparently scrubs made by special peracik Bale-bale that use real fruit. New blended fruit after customers choose treatments. Avocado itself serves to hydrate the skin, and a mixture of granular scrubs can remove dead skin cells and soften the skin.

After dilulur, Etc Fashion Blog also try blooded face. Not only are ditotok face, the ears, head, neck to participate ditotok and massage. Blooded face ends with a face mask. Again, follow the care team favorite Etc Fashion Blog Rianti the strawberry face mask. Strawberries serve to brighten, soften skin and prevent acne.

After treatment approximately 2 hours, visitors can take a shower or a warm bath in the bathtub. After cleaning up, visitors are provided drinks ginger. Avocado scrub treatment for RP 125 thousand, treatment lasts about half an hour. While the full-blooded face mask RP 85 thousand and $ 25 thousand.

Care in the Bale-Bale is not just scrub and massage only. There, you can creambath and waxing. Interested? Bale-bale Spa body scrub treatments is on the road Cikajang Jl.cikajang no 63, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

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