Stay Fit Using Only Household Items
Stay Fit Using Only Household Items

Top 5 Ways To Stay Fit Using Only Household Items

Getting in shape can be one of your top priorities, but it’s hard to achieve during an outbreak of coronavirus. Gymnasiums. Top 5 Ways To Stay Fit Using Only Household Items Across the country are closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. If you have money from the gym, take advantage of the
Time to get a little creative around your home. There are lots of things around your house that can help you shape up in
Difficult times like frying pans, detergent bottles and even beer cans! Here are ten ways to stay fit during a stay-at-
Home order using only household items.

Top 5 Ways To Stay Fit Using Only Household Items

Pull Out the Paper Plates
Pull Out the Paper Plates

1. Pull Out the Paper Plates

The dirty dishes are probably piling up in the sink since you are now stuck at home, unless you decided to use paper
plates and cups instead. If you have extra paper plates lying around, then you’ve found another useful household item for
your routine. Paper plates work perfect as sliders for certain workouts. They can be used on hardwoods, tile, and carpets
too, meaning there is no excuse for you to not try them! Double up the paper plates and use them just as you would a towel
on the floor. Use them for exercises such as plank jacks, mountain climbers, and pikes. They can also add difficulty to
your lunges. Stand on the floor with one foot on the paper plate, sliding that leg back and forth bending the knee until
the other knee reaches about a 90-degree angle.

Grab Some Rope
Grab Some Rope

2. Grab Some Rope

You might have to search through those several plastic bins in your garage, but there is a good chance that you have some
Old rope tucked away somewhere. Ideally, you’ll want about 8 feet (2.44 m) worth of rope to help you with your at-home exercising.
The rope will work as a resistance band and can be used for several exercises such as seated rows, roll up, roll downs,
and planks with leg raises.

Tie at a knot at both ends of the rope and find a good strong tree in your yard. Throw one end of the rope over the tree
Branch where both ends will now be hanging from the branch. You can now use the rope to execute inverted rows, squats and
Similar exercises. The rope can also be a good tool to help with stretching before and after your workout routines.

Find Those Heavy Books
Find Those Heavy Books

3. Find Those Heavy Books

Walk over to that bookcase that you forget is there and wipe the dust off those large books that you never got around to
Reading. A heavy book can help take your core to the next level while working out from home. Place the hardcover book on
Your chest while doing crunches to add extra tension to the intense workout.

Also try laying on your back with your hands in the air holding the book above you. Then use your stomach muscles to raise
Your shoulders off the ground. You can also pull out that chair again for another exercise that targets your core and
Legs. While sitting in the chair, hold your legs together in front of your body and place the heavy book on your shins.
Slowly raise and lower your legs to feel the burn. The book can also be used for several other workouts if you just get

Replace the Dumbbells
Replace the Dumbbells

4. Replace the Dumbbells

Just because you’re not able to go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t still get the same workouts that you get from using
Dumbbells. Try replacing the dumbbells with household items such as paint cans, laundry detergent bottles, cast iron pans,
and milk jugs. If you’re looking for lighter weight, you can pull out those beer cans and bottles again. Once you have chosen
The household item you would like to use, you can start checking off exercises. Hold the items in each hand and start
Doing exercises such a bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, front raises, and overhead presses. These household items can also
Act as a kettlebell to add several other workouts to your daily routine.


5. Load A Backpack

Everyone has an old backpack lying around their home, and it’s time to put it to good use. This is where you can get
Creative. Fill the backpack with items from around your house to add poundage to your body weight moves. You can throw in
some old books, clothes, cooking pans, or even some of those beers in the fridge that you haven’t pounded back yet during
The quarantine. Once the backpack is filled with a comfortable amount of weight, you can wear it during lunges, squats,
push-ups and other cardio exercises around your home.

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