Tips For Weight Loss Not Up At Christmas & New Year 2014

Food for Christmas and the new year seems to tempt you to consume continuously. But you are afraid of weight gain after a day of celebration. Do not worry there are tips to lose weight do not go up when the holiday season.Tips For Weight Loss Not Up At Christmas & New Year

Cheese, cakes, roasts and a series of other food will adorn your year-end holidays. Therefore, you need to find a way to get a good meal without fear waist not enlarged. Follow this way that the weight remains balanced during the celebration of Christmas and New Year reported by Sky Bold.

1. Chewing Slowly

This is one clever trick to eat less but enjoy dishes that have been provided. Many people do not chew their food properly. It is one factor to weight gain. Make sure you chew food slowly. Let the food consumed more digestible and helps break down food while still in the mouth.

2. Dining with Small Portions

Control your appetite even cakes and other tempting foods. Eat smaller portions so as not to ‘go crazy’ when eating heavy meals and fatty foods. How it can make you feel full but the weight loss is maintained.

3. Sport

When the holiday busyness makes many women forget about their workout routines. In the holiday mood you have to keep exercising to burn fat in the body. If accustomed to going to the gym you do not have to do it when the Christmas holidays. Simply take the time to jog or run at least 30 minutes. You can also do a variety of cardio exercises that will make your body sweat. When the day is spent on weight and high-calorie meals make sure you do an extra workout the next day.

4. Eating Protein Snack Before Eating High Calorie Dishes

It’s a trick to avoid weight gain at Christmas and New Year. Before eating food that’s good to eat high-calorie protein snacks. Eating a healthy snack beforehand makes you full for a long time so it is no exaggeration when eating fatty dishes. Protein snacks that keep the ideal weight remains is yogurt, bananas, apples, strawberries, canned tuna, low-fat dairy, and nuts.

5. Keep Eating Food That Can Burn Fat

If you do not want to gain weight add extra menu in your meal such as fruit or a glass of lemon water. As for other foods that help burn calories such as low-fat yogurt, garlic, and green chilies. When the day is too much weight or eating foods high in calories the next day boil and select low-calorie dishes.

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