Tips Wearing Perfume for Women and Men Body

Tips Wearing Perfume for Women and men are certainly not foreign to the usual type of deodorant is sprayed onto the body or clothing. Perfume is a kind of liquid deodorizer used by the people to give the impression of fresh and fragrant. Women wear them more often than men.

We have had many outstanding types and brands of perfume with a variety of prices. Ranging from the local to the perfume import perfumes usually use the name of famous celebrities in the world.

Naturally Ttypes Tips Wearing Perfume

Naturally, if the market were encountered perfume with different scents and types because basically everyone has different tastes.

Tips Wearing Perfume
Tips Wearing Perfume

However, the use of perfume was actually no rules. Tips to wear the right perfume should be applied to avoid things like unwanted spraying too much perfume or perfume it did not last long.

Besides being based on the kind of perfume to wear, wear perfume tips are also worth noting.

First tip is the ideal distance while spraying perfume. It is recommended that spraying perfume to the body or clothing, a distance of about 15 cm. This distance is considered sufficient to avoid using too much or too little.

Tips on wearing perfume next are about the body parts that should be free of perfume. Spray perfume in the armpit if you were previously using deodorant.

This is important because the armpit is the easy part of the body sweat and odor.

Other body parts such as the neck and wrist can be an ideal place to spray perfume.

But keep in mind on how much perfume to be sprayed onto the body. Because if sprayed too much perfume to your body will actually make the headache.

Tips more about the type of perfume that will be used. Type of perfume is very closely related to individual tastes. So that each one will have its own opinion on the type and brand of perfume to wear.

However, it is advisable to choose the perfume that suits your taste and will not cause dizziness when used.

In addition to on how to use and the type of perfume, there are things that should not be done when use the perfume. Actually spraying perfume to wear it is not recommended. There are several types and brands of perfume when sprayed on clothing it will leave a mark yellowish.

But for those who have sensitive skin should also be wise to wear perfume. Should be considered more likely what would happen if the perfume is sprayed directly on the sensitive skin.

In spite of it all, the perfume is still the main attraction, especially women to increase confidence. This is important so as close to the opposite sex the smell of sweat and the like can be prevented.

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