Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

Have a slim and beautiful body shape so nearly everyone’s dream. Therefore many of them are willing to do the exercise too hard and extreme. But keep in mind, excessive exercise will be more negative than positive impact in weight loss.

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight
Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

Shetty Jivesh fitness experts, as reported by the Health Me Up says, People who want to lose weight quickly or be too enthusiastic to the extreme exercise routine to maintain her fitness and form should be alert to the type of sport they choose.

Forms of extreme sports in this context, is not the activities that trigger adrenalin such as rock climbing mountain climbing or paragliding. But rather the combination of lack of proper exercise the frequency is too frequent and too long duration that exceeds the ability of the body.

1. Expenses and jump with dumbbell

There are some who suggest a fitness class participants to perform plyometrics (type of exercise that is designed to produce rapid and powerful movements) with a light load. For example, jumping lunges while holding dumbbells or (bend knees) with a dumbbell above your knees. Although the movement is great for burning calories jumping quickly, but if done while sustaining the load can cause muscle tissue or ruptured, or torn ligaments.

Althea Shah menyaranka fitness experts, sports movements with dumbbells and barbells should be undertaken only for resistance training program or exercise endurance. Every movement must also be monitored by an experienced instructor.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach

If you believe that the exercise on an empty stomach in the morning will help burn the calories consumed the night before, you are wrong. According to Althea, “When you wake in the morning, a low level of glycogen in the body and although the body tends to burn more calories, you do not realize there is most likely your body lowers calories from muscle tissue, not fat.”

Before the exercise, first fill your stomach with snacks such as sandwiches, fruit or yoghurt.

3. No Limit Ability Body Care

Actually there is nothing wrong with a hard workout at the gym to lose excess weight. But if it is outside the limits of your exercise routine, results will not be good. Especially if you tend to push themselves beyond limits, you could injure yourself.

If you are forced to exceed its own ability to exercise hard, your body will falter and the sports movement was disjointed. Some fitness experts say, excessive exercise can cause injury to muscles and soft tissues.

4. Marathon Running

“Running a marathon can indeed help you burn more calories. But the result, you will lose a lot of muscle mass,” said Jivesh.

If running is your exercise choice, make sure each session no longer than 60 minutes interspersed with rest and drinking water. Make sure you also consume foods or beverages that add energy. If you run more than 60 minutes, back and leg muscles can become sore or painful.

A time to practice running with the instructor, at least 45 minutes every day in the early days of practice. It is useful to build up stamina and capacity before you run in a longer duration.

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