Top 10 Hairstyles Trends
Top 10 Hairstyles Trends

For 2020 2021 Top 10 Hairstyles By Rudy Hadisuwarno

Top 10 Rudy Hadisuwarno Hairstyles  For 2020 2021

Top 10 Hairstyles Trends Looking at the world of hairstyles in the atmosphere earlier this year it seems, the world’s latest hairstyle trend started throwing applicable throughout the coming year.

Model Hairstyle that moves in tune with fashion trends and beauty of the world, is predicted to show more extreme styles but still elegant in other words a special woman can still look elegant suit her natural disposition. Quoted directly from the well-known expert on hair.

Top 10 HairStyles
Top 10 HairStyles

According to her short haircuts women’s hairstyles will dominate in the future. Women of today are also likely to be more daring to express themselves with a style of haircut trends 2020 2021 extreme.

Here are 10 trends pieces and elegant hairdo, extreme output Rudy Hadisuwarno for women and men.

1. Luminosity

The piece remains medium bob hair trend forward. Impression of an elegant look at this hair style by applying a proper coloring on medium haircut bob hairdo which added a touch extreme. For staining, apply a mix of Rudy mahogany color with copper color. While for the styling, pieces of dry medium loud as a bomb laid her touch extreme.

2. Ascension

A short, neat piece gives the impression of elegance with a topknot hairdo and sideburns are shaved thin. For staining, Rudy gave a touch of color Golden Blonde with ash color streaks.

3. Masquerad

Chignon hairdo is becoming a trend in the outlook 2020 2021 Rudy is a model that highlights the beauty of the French twist. Different bun made with a touch of high-crested sasakan and combed neatly to form a bun that edgy.

4. Disguise

Long haircut can also set up with an elegant impression, Rudy Hadisuwarno these extremes. With copper-brown color, hairstyle combed one side of this model with zig-zag parting unique. Impression eventually blow-dry the natural look.

5. Agigator

Short haircuts for women 2020 2021 trend. Super short haircut is using the same technique as in men, but differ in the arrangement. Created by delivering elegant styling touches like the crest on the male model.

6. Bedazzle

This time, extreme hairdo became the main focus. Bouffant hair from top to bottom with a topknot. Proper application of this hair style for long hair.

7. Ellevation

For medium haircuts, elegant style-Elevation extremes is a trend for the next year. Super straight long bangs become her trademark. A touch of silver to highlight the proper placement enhance your appearance, without a hint of gray. Prominent appearance of the hair style that looks to be adjusted with blond hair and catokan flat on it.

8. Camouflage

For men short pieces with straight bangs combed flat and the hair in order to top the top of the head and the center of the head into the creation of 2016 2017 hair trends. About the color, brown color blends Rudy Gelat with golden color as a highlight.

9. Promenade

The extreme short piece was again the choice of hairstyle trends of 2020 2021. This time is cut short straight hair with bangs are slightly longer than the hair back. The piece is customized with silver hair coloring as an accent with black hair base.

10. Demagogue

This time, long haircuts applied with a mahogany stain. For her hair styling applications dramatic spike irregular appearance creates an impression of fantasies.

In addition, in Indonesia at this time again rampant boy-girl band era like snsd and cherry belle and largely sufficient to give effect to the hairstyle trends this year. According to Rudy also Tren extreme short haircuts are applied with the same techniques for women and men. The difference lies in the grooming. “Extreme short clipping technique can be applied to women and men. But for the arrangement for men at the top of the hair is removed, while for women the top hair styled with front bangs. Short hair for women is more diverse because it can also be appointed like-style hairstyle trends for men.

Advantages Of Short Hairstyles For Women

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