Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Dresses Style

Tulisa Contostavlos Print-patterned Dress

The literature an American singer will leave the U.S. to the UK. At the airport, she found the print-patterned dress that looks sweet, In addition, the literature also wearing sandals and a purple handbag.

Patterned dresses printed with bold prints the letters that were attractive for the inspiration to design a matching dress.

Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Who does not know Kelly Brook? For the uninitiated, Kelly Brook is a model of women’s underwear. Kelly Brook is famous for its plump breasts, according to the posture she always keep its shape to keep it interesting.

Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Kelly Brook to open a secret chest is always plump. Apparently, Kelly Brook prop her chest branded with Sport Relief socks.Kelly Brook Opens Secret Chest Pudgy With Boobs Red Dress

Do not believe it. Kelly Brook certainly do not need socks to prop her breasts to appear more plump and prominent.

The scene is a scene in a movie for the Sport Relief charity.

Casual Style of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes knows? We will deliver the style of Katie Holmes’s casual clothing. This time, Katie Holmes walking around with tight jeans, white t-shirt topped with red stripes – black, hot colors and boots Rayban glasses.Casual style of Katie Holmes

Selena Gomez Casual Style Dress

Selena Gomez has just come out of a mini salon in Miami. Selena Gomez is being relaxed. Let’s see Selena Gomez dressed in casual style.

Selena Gomez use a tank top, low-chested gray, sleeveless shirt, shorts jeans and white sneakers. In his left hand, Selena Gomez uses a large band of ethnic nuances.

How Selena Gomez’s style, according to Fashionista everything?

Black Legging-Bolong Bolong Imogen Thomas

The women would love to wear leggings and undies as if it’s pants, not to mention Imogen Thomas.Black Legging-Bolong Bolong Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas in Londong found was wearing black leggings, white shirt patterned skull print, black leather jacket, and black high heel shoes in her hand hanging a black leather handbag.

What distinguishes Imogen Thomas with leggings women leggings the other is Imogen Thomas has a variety of ladder-shaped hole in the front from the waist to the ankles.

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