Toyota’s New Automatic Engine cut-off is a Good Step For Car Owners who careless!

Toyota recently announced that it is ready to surprise everyone by adding unique features to future models. They said they would add two new features to the lineup, including automatic parking and automatic engine shutdown. These amazing features will be available in Toyota vehicles by 2020. Because even the best of drivers regularly make careless mistakes, Toyota has become a major cause of help by adding two new features to the upcoming model. It has become miserable due to careless mistakes.

Toyota's new automatic engine cut-off is a good step for car owners who careless!1

First feature – Automatic engine shutdown automatically turns off the engine if you leave the vehicle running (engine on) for a pre-determined amount of time and is useful in both ways. The same is true for our safety and the fuel consumption of our cars. A similar function would be provided in some older vehicles that reminded the driver to idle for a long time and turn off the engine for a long time, but this time the engine will turn off automatically. This feature is known to be enhanced by future mobile app features, so we send appropriate notifications to the driver.

Toyota's new automatic engine cut-off is a good step for car owners who careless!2

In addition to this automatic engine shutdown, Toyota has announced that it will also offer automatic parking for future vehicles. In Otopark, Toyota does not mean that the car is parked, but if the vehicle detects that the vehicle itself detects it when the driver leaves without putting a gear on the Park (P). The parking brake is automatically applied. Is not it amazing? This feature is specifically designed to reduce the risk of an ambulance accident. Both of these features may look like simple safety updates, but they are really important. The driver normally leaves the car with the engine in the garage without ignition in the hybrid vehicle.

Toyota's new automatic engine cut-off is a good step for car owners who careless!3

These features are expected to advance into new Toyota vehicles by 2020, so if a Toyota buyer wants to take advantage of new features, it is best not to buy a new car. Due to the good performance of Toyota Indus, which is comparable to international models and their vehicles, we can see these features in the upcoming Toyota Corolla 2020 facade version.

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