Tri Handoko Six Bridal Gowns Collections 2012

In the framework of the monthly program Plaza Indonesia is currently the theme of ‘Wedding Inspirations’, Mondial Jeweler collaborate with the three top designers in the country. The third variety of designers showing their collections, in Lamoda Cafe, Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (5/24/2012).

Tri Handoko Six Bridal Gowns Collections 2012
Tri Handoko Six Bridal Gowns Collections 2012

Mondial variety of collections shown so elegant and classy look, making it suitable for use in special moments like the wedding day. Collections that were presented are available from the 40 sets of design options are designed to be very charming and matching. Ranging from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, which uses high-quality diamonds, precious stone to pearls.

Mondial hook three renowned Indonesian designers to complement the beautiful collection. Tri Handoko for example, he showed off six set a wedding dress with white domination.

Yes, I wear white for the wedding, the color of the safest, because I think for me it’s style is quite different from the bridal gown. So I choose the color white remains a classic,” said Handoko when interviewed after the event.

Detail cutting used Handoko highly structured with a masculine touch, simple and minimalist. It also uses materials such as silk, lace, organdy and taffeta for a series of this collection.

While designers Sapto Djojokartiko, it took the color of the six broken white wedding dress collection. In its design, he put forward the detail embroidered flower, lace, lace accents and brocade.

Sebastian also feature six collections of bridal gowns with lavish detail and cutting bustier silhouette is accented stones beautiful and wonderful. The white color is a broken white and Seba choice for collection.

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