Tricks To Stay Beautiful Despite Lack of Sleep

As long holiday even more busy women to socialize until the early hours. Hours of sleep had become disturbed. The effect can make you look less than the maximum. Eye could marsupial, dark circles, face look tired and dry skin. Check out the tips of Urbanette to get the full beauty, despite the lack of sleep.

Tricks To Stay Beautiful Despite Lack of Sleep
Tricks To Stay Beautiful Despite Lack of Sleep

1. Cold water spray

According to Francesca Fusco, MD, a dermatologist in New York City, splashed cold water on the face of the face will eliminate sleepiness and refreshing your skin. The cool water helps to constrict blood vessels, which will make the skin smoother and firmer.

2. Moisturizers

Using a moisturizer is very important, because the humidity is reduced when sleep-deprived face. With moisturizers, it will lock the water in your skin will stay supple and free dry. “With moisturizers, dry and flaky skin and wrinkles will disappear can also fade,” says Ranella Hirsch, MD, a dermatologist in Boston.

3. Milk Mask

Dip a washcloth in cold milk and apply on face. Let stand for five minutes. To be able to last longer cold, balutlah ice with a small towel that has been rinsed with ice. “The combination of pH and the cold air makes more fresh and bright face,” says Dr. Fusco.

4. Cold tea bags for swollen eyes

Lack of sleep makes the eyes puffy and people with imperfections you will realize it. To overcome this problem is to compress the eye with a former tea bag that has been cooled. Inflammatory substances are contained can deflate puffy eyes and dark circles on the eyes. To make the eyes look open, pinch the eyelashes and mascara brush and use eyeshadow colors bright.

5. Make-up

After using a moisturizer, apply foundation and concealer under the eyes pulaskan to camouflage dark circles from lack of sleep. Afterwards pulaskanlah powder that does not look thick and menor. So the face looks fresh, pulaskan blush on and lipstick pink.

6. Do not Up Bad Hair Day

The hair is tangled and unmanageable or a bad hair day will add to your look bad because of lack of sleep. To that end, lest you look a mess. Wash your and your hairdo. If you do not have time menyatok hair high pigtails or use a headband to cover the ‘bad hair day’.

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