UK and USA fashion for Girls Diesel Short Jeans

Ladies & fashion this time.The most significant From Berlin Fashion Week spring-summer 2014-2015 collection, Here latest girls short jeans style and her ideas for the upcoming 2014-2015 is a new collection of short jeans for teenage girls.

Denim jeans, light fabrics, rich color palette: women’s jeans collection spring-summer 2014-2015 is the story of Diesel jeans for girls, told through the clothing, the means of expression for women daring jeans, not hiding their sexuality which openly declares. The all-new casual wardrobe completes rethinking of the basic models, carefree natural femininity.

The Short jeans collection spring-summer 2014-1025  for women– the revival of values Diesel. It is based on the iconic Italian jeans brand for girls things. Diesel added courage and willingness to take risks to its new collection. This collection focuses on women 25-35 years old, bold, open, hotly.

Album Photo Of  UK and USA fashion 2014-2015 for Girls Diesel Short Jeans

This is the first collection Diesel, created the new design team. Work on it began with the questions: What do women need? What does she want? The result is a jacket for girls, shirts for girls, dresses for girls, jeans for girls for all occasions. The collection is divided into two parts. First, the inspiration for which was a biker jacket – it’s black leather and denim jeans, deep orange, dresses and skirts for girls, emphasizing the benefit figure.

Album Photo Of Tsai Meiyue Wedding Dress Collection 2014-2015 For Girls

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