Varnish Givenchy’s New Line Of Nail Polish Ultra Sewing

Givenchy sign a new line of nail  Varnish. Objects of desire ultra chic dress our nails intense colors and timeless. Discover the new it varnish Givenchy.

Varnish Givenchy's New Line Of Nail Polish Ultra Sewing 3

Having reinvented the lipstick with Red sign Givenchy this time a new line of nail polish. Called “The Nail” this new paint our nails dresses of intense colors and chic as can be. In this line, Givenchy created all 7 nail polish and a top coat. Timeless colors, timeless evocative names Beige Chiffon, Taffeta Rose, Tangerine Bolero, Fushia Irresistible, Carmine Pump, Purple Garnet Initiated and Parade.

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