Victoria Beckham Sheep Placenta Facial Routine

Victoria Beckham is one celebrity who often makes weird treatments to rejuvenate the skin of her face. After a facial with nightingale droppings, the Victoria Beckham singer is now transformed into a designer that uses sheep placenta on her face.

Victoria Beckham Sheep Placenta Facial

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Former member of girl band the Spice Girl took the placenta of a newborn lamb. Function of the placenta of sheep can improve the regeneration of the damaged and could rejuvenate the skin.

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David Beckham’s wife regularly visited the Beverly Hills beauty services that provide the sheep placenta facials. Spokesman from the facial, Dr. Harold Lancer convinced that stem cells can regenerate skin cells of sheep to the fullest.

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“Cells do not have sheep dung; the harvested cells are cells that do not harm the amnion. Preserved stem cells are rich in nutrients that fight free radical damage to tissues. Stem cells will interact with the cell itself, which works to” wake up “the cell and produce collagen and stimulates new cell growth much faster then actual, “said Lancer, as reported by the Mirror.

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Victoria Beckham In order to maximize care, coupled with the sheep placenta gel containing grains of gold. Gold particles serves to propagate stem cells and acts as a transdermal delivery system to help the working into the skin.
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Victoria Beckham Sheep Placenta Facial

Then the mixture was applied for 90 minutes, beginning with exfoliation. Afterwards the LED light will be illuminated face to open pores before gel placenta used. Treatment would cost £ 320 odd, or about USD 4.7 million.

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victoria beckham style dressesVictoria Beckham Sheep Placenta Facial Routine & victoria beckham clothing style. victoria beckham skin care routine to protect her skin for look beautiful..

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