Makeup Lashes with Dark Brown Mascara
Makeup Lashes with Dark Brown Mascara

Ways To Lash Looks Get Curly Eyelashes Thick and Length

How to get curly eyelashes naturally to use false eyelashes. How to get curly eyelashes forever and thicker several ways you can do in order.

How to get curly eyelashes naturally to use false eyelashes
How to get curly eyelashes naturally to use false eyelashes

on how to get curly lashes are several ways you can do in order to get eyelashes and long, so friends do not need to use false eyelashes. Want to know how what to do to get curly eyelashes, thick, and length.

Please see the following Curly Eyelashes article:

Eyelash Curler

The easiest way we can do is to use an eyelash curler, it is done so that the lashes look more slender and long. By using an eyelash curler will make the lashes become visible very pretty. But friends also need to limit the use of eyelash curler, do not use it every day, because it will make the lashes fall out and damaged. Should wear at certain times only.


Besides wearing eyelash curler, companions could also try to use the powder. The trick is also very easy, simply by using powder on the lashes first, before using mascara. Friends can try this way on a regular basis in order to become more lashes look longer and thicker. In addition, the use of powder also can make mascara to be more durable.


The way this one often used by professional makeup artists.

dark brown mascara
dark brown mascara

But friends also can try to try it at home. The first step that must be done is to coat the lashes with black mascara. After that, use a dark brown mascara along the tip of the lashes. And the last step is to resurface lashes with mascara in black.

Petroleum Jelly

You should use petroleum jelly at bedtime the night. You do this simply by applying jelly petroleum towards eyelashes. This is helpful in order to become stronger lashes and do not easily fall out, besides petroleum jelly can also be used as mascara to make lashes look becomes thicker.

What about the various ways to make eyelashes look long tapering and above? It’s easy to be practiced at home instead. Hopefully, this article can make eyelashes look more slender friend and long. So this article and thank you for reading this article. BY ALI Shah

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