WWF After Faux Fur_Fur Is Imaginary Talk

As WWF World Wildlife Fund, WWF not like Wonder World Fur. WWF launches its brand fur imaginary drawn by Boudicca.

WWF After Faux Fur_Fur Is Imaginary Talk

WWF and fur, there would not be a compatibility issue here? But no, do not panic. WWF launches into taking imaginary fur on the back of imaginary animals. How does this not clear? Okay, do it again. WWF launches its collection of furs imaginary drawn by Boudicca. But back on what animals we will prick the imaginary fur? Well on imaginary animals like! Zoo Wonder Wold Fur consists of three species, Dolyphan the Bamboseal and Bufaloon. Purely out of imagination Uscha Pohl, ambassador Boudicca, these three animals have fur perfect for the collection WWF, it is real. The trend is fur, and WWF has apparently decided to follow this trend already followed by many brands like Fendi Fall-Winter fashion show in 2013-2014 at Milan Fashion Week. To tell you the mystery of the fur imaginary, we must admit that clothes and accessories Wonder World Fur consist of mohair in South Africa. Lining, meanwhile, is made of silk “peace silk” unique in the world to be manufactured without killing silkworms.

WWF After Faux Fur_Fur Is Imaginary Talk 1' WWF After Faux Fur_Fur Is Imaginary Talk 2

Yes, we know, was a little broken delirium “imaginary animals” but could not lie to you forever. But console yourself, the collection will feature Wonder World Fur coats, mittens, scarves, bags and headbands. Wear fur without hurting or fauna or flora, as is the goal of WWF. And yes, get into fashion is nice, but WWF does not mean forgetting his convictions. Stars adeptent hair will be all delighted. When you see that Rihanna never leaves his fur since January 31, 2013, we said that WWF did not take many risks by engaging in this market hairy.

WWF After Faux Fur_Fur Is Imaginary Talk 3 WWF After Faux Fur_Fur Is Imaginary Talk 4

And at the same time, WWF does not suffer our credit card with a collection ranging from 65 to 410 €. The first Wonder World Fur campaign, shot by photographer Mark Seliger, presents the model and the imaginary animal in its environment. To better understand the true concept of the imaginary fur, visit the site and shoppez Wonder World Fur collection.

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